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Providing international students an opportunity to learn about life in the U.S.A. and acquainting local community members with life in other countries.

Friends of International Students (FIS) is an independent, non-profit community organization of people who provide friendship and support to international students and scholars attending the University of Iowa.

FIS is affiliated with International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at the University of Iowa and is organized by community volunteers.

The FIS organization would like every UI international student to have the opportunity to meet an American and share a valuable intercultural friendship. For the student, an FIS friend may give them the chance to learn about American lifestyles and culture. Students are far from home and often struggling with the English language and/or dealing with the demands of a difficult academic program. They appreciate FIS friends who are neither teacher nor parent to offer company, support, warmth and friendship.

Membership is open to all international undergraduate and graduate students, single, married, with or without families. All Iowa City and surrounding area citizens are also welcome to join FIS as friends. FIS is a flexible program with no set activities or time commitments. Once a friend and student are matched, they can decide what they would like to do together. Friends are expected to be in touch with their students at least once a month, and invite them for major holidays and FIS activities. Students should also take pride in inviting their Friends to their activities. For more information download the FIS brochure.