History of FIS

Friends of International Students started as the International Host Family Program (IHFP) in Fall, 1971. There was one family and one student at the time. Host family programs existed in several university campuses in the United States. Dr. Steven Arum became director of the OIES in 1971, found an American and a foreign student who were willing to work on developing such a program, and IHFP was established. Its activity included matching interested students with interested families, organizing a picnic each fall, and publicizing the program. In 1973, the activities included a spring reception to honor graduating foreign students and ‘neighboring gatherings’ of host families and students. In 1976 IHFP became more formally organized and added a Board of community volunteers. The Board also included an international student and an OIES adviser.

The decision to change its name to Friends of International Students was made in 1985, and officially occurred during the August 5, 1985, meeting. The same Board with the same activities met on September 9, 1985, with only a change of name.

Jackie Harbaugh, Raji Subbiah

Sandy Althen, Jane Zike, Carrie Bassett

Margaret Nowysz

Community Board – Shree Kamath, Chairperson
Community Board – Margaret Trott, Chairperson

Board Members – Norma Anderson, Shree Kamath, Frank Stone, Sally Baldus – OIES Liaison
Community Board – Margaret Trott, Chairperson

IHFP – Unknown Leadership

IHFP – Bertha Harms, President
Board Members – Dorothy Franks, Loise Stone, Margaret Nowysz, Grace Young, Alfrieda Monagan, Mary Heininger, Barbara Clark – OIES Liaison, others unknown

Board Members – Eric McDonald (President), Jaye Grattan, Heecheon Jeon, Scott Kelsay, Kevin Kummer, Melissa Payne, John Raab, Ken Royar, Wade Summers, Deborah Thornton
Associate Board Members – Lynn Gingerich, Andrea Hartman, Caryl Lyons, Denise Tiffany

Board Members – Eric McDonald (President), Kasey Befeler, Peter Gerlach, Jaye Grattan, Scott Kelsay, Tyler Kruse, Beth Noeller, Ken Royar, Wade Summers, Joyce Thomas

Current Board Members – Beth Noeller (President), Jaye Grattan, Eric McDonald, Dennis Keitel, Maria Kummer, Joyce Thomas.

Friends of International Students Board Presidents:
2006-2008 Caryl Lyon

2008-2009 Penny Kincade

2009-2011 Melissa Payne

2011-2012 Ken Royar

2012-2014 Trent Yeazel

2014-2016 Eric McDonald

2017-2021 Wade Summers

2021-2022 Beth Noeller